Graduation of Master Degree Students


On occasion of the third anniversary of the Foreign Students Department, festive awarding of Master’s Diplomas took place on January, 28, 2014. This was the first graduation of foreign students with Master’s degree at the University. 


Vice-Rector of Science and Educational Work Stepan Dyachuk, Dean of Foreign Students Department Bogdan Kovalyuk and Vice-dean of Foreign Students Department Iryna Kramar congratulated graduates on the occasion and handed out diplomas.


Five graduates Alerubo Trust, Aliozor Mozes, Nnamene Christopher, Mavutor Godvin, Edjoiokah Ferguson were awarded diplomas on specialty “Information Management Systems and Technologies”. Except diplomas they were given commemorative awards and greetings from the Rector.


We wish the boys success in scientific career and further achievements in their work!