Excursion to Lviv


On May 3, 2014 the students of our department under the guidance of Iryna Kramar, Liudmyla Moroz, Natalia Zahorodna visited ancient city of Lviv.


The first place to visit was Shevchenko Hay – open-air ethnographical museum of folk architecture and domestic life demonstrating architectural exhibits of folk domestic life from the whole Western Ukraine. The students had an opportunity to see real Ukrainian embroideries, old wooden churches, and unique architectural monuments.


Nevertheless most of the students visited Lviv several times this excursion helped them to discover new yet unknown for them cultural and historical places of interest in particular Vysokyi Zamok – old shady park on the city hill. From the sight yard they were able to see fascinating picturesque scenery.


The next place of interest they visited was Staryy Rynok Square – the center of political, public, cultural and commercial life of the city during the last 5 centuries. The students also visited Dominican Cathedral, Palace of the Grafs Pototskyys,  coffee and chocolate workshop, Boyims Chapel and other monuments.


And even the rain started at the end of the excursion couldn’t abate students spirits and their impressions of the city.