Perfomance of 1-year students


      It is already second time when freshmen of TNTU come together to present their departments at a special event held at the university. This year, on the 21st of October, freshmen of Foreign Students Department participated in the event for the first time in TNTU history. Students showed their talents and presented FSD at a high level.

      Simeon Blessing, MacKenzie Evidence, Kitayo Tinashe and Urbain Tengeneza read poems.

Christina Magwizi and Nyasha Mapedze prepared a dance.

      Nyasha Mapedze also perfomed with a song of Adele “Set fire to the rain”.

      Blessing Simeon, Christopher Chibamu and Arian Nkuadgel sang a Ukrainian song about Ternopil.

      Foreign students impressed everybody with high level of their Ukrainian and great performances. Foreign students were welcomed very warmly by Ukrainian ones.

      Foreign Students Department is proud of its freshmen!