Excursion to Lviv


      On the 25th of October foreign students together with the vice-dean Iryna Kramar, group mentors Liliana Dzhydzhora and Tetyana Kuzhda went for an excursion to Lviv. Lviv met its guests with the first snow and cold but sunny weather.

      The excursion started in the “Ukrainian national museum “Shevchenkivskyy gay”. Excursion continued in the center of the city. Students learned about the historical part of Lviv, the center of political, cultural and trade life - Market Square, visited the unique temples - the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin and church of the Holy Eucharist (Dominican Church) and other interesting places.

      By the end of the day everybody was excited of seeing beautiful places of ancient Lviv. Students said they would like to come back to Lviv again.