Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens

At TNTU we recognise that the most able students are those who have developed good language, communication and study skills. Our Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens is an efficient and effective way of improving your academic attainment. It is a good starting point for your university studies.

Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens is designed for foreign applicants/students whose academic readiness or Ukrainian/English level is not sufficient for direct entry to their chosen undergraduate/postgraduate programme. We accept students from a wide range of educational backgrounds and consider each application individually.

The preparatory department aims to:

  • help foreign applicants/students develop the Ukrainian/English language skills they will need to follow a degree course or undertake research;
  • help foreign applicants/students develop the necessary cultural and study skills for effective learning through the medium of Ukrainian/English;
  • introduce foreign applicants/students to life in Ukraine and to Ukrainian culture;
  • give foreign applicants/students a chance to ‘settle in’ to the Ukrainian academic environment before starting their programme of academic study at TNTU.

This foundation programme is taught on campus and is ‘year zero’ of a four-year course leading to a degree from the University. Students who successfully complete a foundation year are therefore able to progress into year one of their chosen degree subject providing they have taken the relevant pathway modules and passed them at the required standard.

As a student of the preparatory department, you will be a member of the University community and will have access to the learning resources, support and facilities on offer. You will also have the opportunity to go on local excursions and cultural outings.


Normally foreign students are offered accommodation on the university campus during the foundation year.  Alternatively, there are many other types of accommodation available – some students prefer to rent a flat or room, while others share a house.

For more information or advice about Preparatory Department for Foreign Citizens contact the Dean’s Office.